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At BURN LAB you will gain absolute clarity on the changes required to get real results, from what exercise you need to do, and how much; to what you should eat, and when. You may be surprised at how easy getting into shape can be once you know how!


We’ve all tried group exercise classes, often left wondering if this is really the right choice. As good as an instructor may be, it’s difficult to customise a class environment to precisely suit each and every participant. In the past, we’ve persevered as it’s been the most cost effective way to get into some form of routine. Tackling the bulky machinery of over-crowded gyms is tedious and often intimidating at best.  And let’s face it, you really do need a license to ‘drive’ most of those contraptions!



For these reasons, BURN LAB sets the bar high for recruiting the very best professionals our industry has to offer. Imagine – a workout which has be custom designed using your personal physical statistics (age, height, weight, gender, goals) to create the most effective session you can squeeze into 30, 45 or 60 ‘fat blasting’ minutes.



Most of you are likely thrilled whenever you see the number on the bathroom scales go down. But if I told you that you were potentially losing valuable muscle, you would (or should) be horrified. We only want to lose body fat. The term ‘body composition’ refers to what your body weight is composed of - primarily stored fat and muscle.


Whether you need to ‘lose weight’ is not related to whether you can fit into smaller jeans or whether you fit the pigeonhole of the correct height-to-weight scale but rather the fat percentage of your total weight. A healthy level for men is between 10 per cent and 19 per cent. For women, a level between 18 per cent and 28 per cent is considered healthy. Keep in mind it is possible (and common) to go on over-restrictive diets and become lighter, yet fatter.


For years we have been erroneously conditioned to pay attention to the number on the bathroom scales, period. BURN LAB trainers use state-of-the-art Body Composition Analysis to help you get on track and lose fat – not just ‘weight’ – to provide valuable feedback on your progress and accelerate you towards your goals.



Many die-hard gym fanatics don’t realise that the food you consume (choice, quantity, frequency) accounts for at least 75 per cent of the fat loss equation. Again, it’s difficult to know exactly how much we should eat to reach our goal and to decipher which foods are going to help you get there the quickest. Our trainers have exclusive access to our software system which customizes your personal menu planner, providing you with the precise quantity and variety of foods that you eat to reach and maintain your goal … so if your goal is to be 70 kilos, when you start eating like a 70 kilo person your body has no choice but to follow you there!


95 per cent of all fat loss attempts fail! Why? The missing link often lies in your mind. That’s right … you may have all of the right knowledge about what to do and how to eat, but if your mindset is not right it’s almost impossible to stick with it. Our brain is the ‘driver’ that governs our emotions, which often take charge and hijack our most noble efforts. Your BURN LAB health professionals can teach you some simple and effective ways to help you get on the right track and inspire you to stay there for the long term.



If you can be sufficiently open-minded to try a change—and for some it may be a radical change—you will find yourself pleasantly surprised. The exhilaration of getting your body into shape is uniquely exciting, rewarding and challenging. It can almost feel miraculous, as though you have become a champion in a battle that, for many years, seemed too fierce to even enter. Enjoy!



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